This is me............, gazing lovingly at my 8ft recreation of the 'Hanalei' Tiki that stood in the Hanalei Hotel, in San Diego, California.

I have been into Hotrod and Kustom Kulture for many years. With Hotrods and Kustoms, comes 'Tiki' ! After visiting a huge Kustom event in the US in 2002, I began carving. I'm still carving to date.

Please view my products and slideshow for examples of my work.

Sizes and prices are approximate but guides are;-

3ft will be from £160

4-5ft will be from £175 - £ 400

To lots of people, Bigger is obviously better. Most of my stuff is hardwood (which carves better), and is therefore quite heavy.

Big commissions are more expensive, and i charge a more than reasonable hourly rate. The 'Big Kahuna & Hanalei' are examples of my large commissions with 60 and 90 hours in them respectively.

Let me know what you think

Mahalo.................. Paul .......................

Add a Tiki Statue to your home, voodoo lounge or tropical garden. Place outside by your hot tub or pool. Imagine sipping cocktails in your tub, accompanied by several oil burning Tiki statues. I have several inside and around my house. They add a lot of warmth, charm and character, not to mention a unique conversation piece. MyTiki statues are hand carved, scorched, sanded and stained and no two statues are alike but can be carved to look similar. The Tiki will slowly change color, and a patina will developed over time which gives it an authentic cultured look. These will last for years. View pictures of these statues, and order directly from the artist “Tiki Paulo”. For a new twist in landscape design add a carving.

I prefer to "carve to order" but I often have carvings available, which are listed in the 'slide show'.

Collection/viewing available by appointment.

Location: Cambridgshire/Bedfordshire border

Paypal payment available

Pallet & Courier service available